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InCredible handle the headaches and hassles of collecting, so you can continue your real business.We assist business with cash flow, while retaining
customers and improving customer service.

InCredible provides Accounts Receivable Management
and, if necessary, liaison with small claims court, collection attorneys and collection agencies. From good collection techniques, you can learn to correct credit problems, make better management decisions and improve your financial status.

InCredible provides Accounts Receivable ManagementWe work as a contractor,
an agent of your office and a member of your team, not as a third party collection agency. Collection calls are performed as an extension of your exceptional customer service, working to collect money and retain clientele. Your business sets the guidelines for customer contact.

InCredible | Accounts Receivable ManagementWe charge by the hour, differentiating us from contingency based collection agencies and attorneys and allowing us to be more customer service oriented.

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